Pasta salad with tuna and fresh herbs

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When summer arrives, pasta salads are always a big hit in my family. Easy, tasty and cold. Prime quality Italian tuna in Extra Virgin oil of olive + fresh herbs from my garden will do the magic. Sicilian capers + homemade sun-dried tomatoes + Italian sweet black olives will complete the recipe with their salty and intense taste.

If you are vegetarian you can avoid using the tuna and the recipe will still be delicious. The fresh herbs&co pesto is an incredible match for the pasta.

Let’s cook it together! You will need:

tuna summer pasta ingred

In a blender place the fresh herbs (basil, oregano, parsley, marjorane) altogether with the pitted olives, the capers, the sun-dried tomatoes and 3 Tbsp of Extra Virgin oil of olive. Mix everything in order to obtain a deep green pesto. Set it apart.

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Half fill a deep pasta pot with water and let it boil. When it is boiling add 1 Tbsp of sea salt, add the pasta. Stir and let the pasta cook. The pasta salad is wonderful if served warm as soon as you cook it or cold later. If you decide to serve it cold, just reduce the pasta cooking time of few minutes (i.e. if the cooking time on the package is 10 min, cook the pasta only for 7 min or it will get gluey once cold).

Remove 1 cup of starchy boiling water from the pot and set it apart. You might need some of this water to loose down the pasta once mixed with all the other ingredients.

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While the pasta is cooking prepare the cherry tomatoes: chop them in thin slices and remove the seeds.

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Place the tuna in a big bowl and break it in small pieces with a fork. Enjoy the pink color of the top quality tuna 🙂

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Drain the pasta and add it to the tuna.

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Add the sliced cherry tomatoes and the pesto. Stir. Enjoy!

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tuna pasta quadra

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