Cucumber cups with tuna filling

cucumber cups with tuna2

So simple and so tasty! small cucumber cups filled with a tasty tuna&potato filling. The size of each cup is perfect for kids. My little Luca loves licking the top of the filling like an ice cream and than biting the cups with the tuna inside.

Considering the summer heat, I used this recipe more than once as a refreshing and fun lunch idea for the family with a side of tomato salad to keep going with the refreshing part 😉

cucumber cups with tuna17

You will need:

cucumber tuna cups ingred

Cucumbers: I used English or Garden cucumbers, medium size. Just consider that the smaller the cucumbers, the smaller the cups. I also tried the recipe with the Persian and Japanese cucumbers, but in my opinion they are too dry and thin: I really liked the watery texture of the English ones.

Tuna: it is VERY important that you pick a top quality canned tuna in Extra Virgin oil of olive. It really makes the difference.

Mayonnaise: a good quality one, follow your personal taste.


peel the cucumbers and cut them in thick slices (1.5 inch) in order to obtain 4/5 small cylinders from each cucumber

cucumber cups with tuna3  cucumber cups with tuna4

create the cups removing the inner part of the cucumber with a knife first and than with a teaspoon.

cucumber cups with tuna5  cucumber cups with tuna6

let the cups rest on a flat surface to release some extra water

cucumber cups with tuna7  cucumber cups with tuna8

prepare the filling. In a blender place the canned tuna, the olives, the mayonnaise and mix everything for 1 minute. In a medium bowl mash the boiled potato (without peel) with a potato masher. Add the tuna mix and the extra virgin oil of olive. Stir in order to obtain a thick cream.

cucumber cups with tuna9  cucumber cups with tuna12

cucumber cups with tuna10  cucumber cups with tuna11

cucumber cups with tuna13  cucumber cups with tuna14

Fill a pastry chef bag with the tuna mix and start filling and decorating the cucumber cups like small cupcakes. Enjoy immediately or store in the refrigerator in an air tight container for up to 2 days.

cucumber cups with tuna15  cucumber cups with tuna16

The cup shape + the “cupcake style” decoration is extremely fun and inviting, most of all for kids, but if you really do not have time it might be time consuming. no worries. you can still prepare the recipe in no time. Just peel and cut the cucumbers in thick slices and use the tuna mix like a spread or directly dip the cucumber slices in the tuna mix. Enjoy!!

cucumber cups with tuna quadr

cucumber cups quadrate2

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