Fruit Berries parfait – baby friendly

The 4th July celebration is coming and that means bbq party + summer hot day + incredible fireworks!

Considering the heat I wanted to prepare a light and fresh dessert, beautiful to see and yummy at the same time. In addition to that something that my little Alex (1 year) could enjoy too. That’s how I ended up with those beautiful fruit parfaits 🙂

super easy recipe, you can prepare it in advance the day before (they are even better) and you can play with the final decoration in order to surprise your guests and your kids!

You will need:

fruit parfait ingred

In a blender add the raspberries, the strawberries, the juice of 1/2 orange and 2 Tbsp of agave. You can also use honey if your baby is older than one year.

Mix everything for 1 minute and you will obtain a nice smooth puree’. Set it apart. If it is a very hot day place it in the refrigerator while you keep going with the recipe.

fruit parfait 7  fruit parfait 8  fruit parfait 6  fruit parfait 9


In a medium bowl mix the ricotta cheese (very fresh, it’s important!), the yogurt, the remaining 3 Tbsp of agave syrup and the vanilla extract. I used vanilla greek yogurt, I needed the yogurt to be thick and creamy. Stir everything and place the cream in the refrigerator for 1 hour: that will thicken further more the cream and it will be easier to create separate layers of the parfait.

fruit parfait 10

Final part: layering.

The secret of a beautiful result is choosing a nice regular shape transparent container for the parfaits. You really want the layers to be seen, that’s the fun part!

fruit parfait 4

That’s the layer sequence that I’ve chosen, but you can change it as you like.

First layer at the bottom: vanilla white cream

Second layer: few sliced strawberries to create a base for the red berries mix

Third layer: blueberries and sliced strawberries

Fourth layer: vanilla white cream

Top: fun decoration with the berries

fruit parfait 11  fruit parfait 12  fruit parfait 5

Keep the glasses in the fridge for at least one hour before serving. If you are preparing the parfaits for kids it will be safer to choose plastic transparent glasses, you never know…

The recipe it 100% baby friendly, starting from 10 months. Just remember to cut the strawberries in small small pieces and cut the blueberries in pieces too so that your little one will be able to chew the tender fruit with his gums.

Have a wonderful party!!!

ciao ciao,b

fruit parfait 2  fruit parfait 13


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    great healthy dessert!

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