I love working with brands who I feel are in line with the BuonaPappa philosophy: nourishing our kids and families with healthy, organic, local foods and eco friendly products.

I really enjoy creating dynamic and exciting content, promoting products that I would be comfortable using for my kids, my family and that are as well a good fit for my viewers.

Here are some ways we can partner together to help you promote your brand and reach your goals:

Recipe Development. That’s what I really really love to do on a daily basis: creating new, unique, healthy recipes using a specific ingredient/product that will appeal to my kids and my audience. That particular ingredient that makes the recipe so special, can be your product.

Sponsored Post on BuonaPappa blog. I would love to represent your brand developing a new recipe that truly showcases your product! I can provide a full blog post with tips/tutorials, recipe and, of course, mouthwatering appealing photography that I will also share on my social media. We can work together to develop an appealing content that best fits your mission and will achieve your goals, still being genuine and relevant to BuonaPappa’s viewers. See one of my favorite sponsored posts here.

Video Recipe on BuonaPappa YT channel and blog. I started 6 years ago filming video recipes and I’m very comfortable producing catchy and mouthwatering videos. I found that sponsored video recipes where I use your product as main ingredient work really well with my audience being less invasive than sponsored product reviews See my sponsored chicken tenders video recipe here.

Guest Blogging on your Website/Channel. I will be honored and happy to be a contributing writer for your blog providing recipes, images, tutorials. You can post the material on your blog and social media with a simple proper credit/attribution.

BuonaPappa Social Media. BuonaPappa talks to a very specific and active audience of moms. We can work together on a Instagram/Pinterest/Facebook campaign to share your brand’s mission with my viewers/followers passing useful and interesting recommendations See a recent sponsored post here.

GiveAways: they are a great way to reward viewers for their loyalty, as well as gain social media followers for your brand page. See an example here

FreeLance Photography/Video: Let’s work together to feature your product in mouth watering images/sequences that will increase your brand awareness through product placement.

Advertisements: one of the oldest, and still effective, way of promoting your products. BuonaPappa website has a totally new fresh and appealing look that can beautifully host your ads. A variety of sizes/placements are available. Contact XXX for further details.

Please contact me at XXXX for more information or for a copy of my media kit so that you can have a better idea of BuonaPappa audience and numbers.

NOTE: All sponsored posts comply with FTC guidelines and include proper disclosure. All links are coded no-follow.

All the content that you see on BuonaPappa (blog/YTchannel/media) is totally free for you to enjoy. That being said, it’s nice to be able at least to cover the costs. Sometimes I work with brands that I trust using for my kids and for my family and, as a consequence, I feel comfortable sharing with you too. If I feel that a brand/product is not a good fit for BuonaPappa, I simply say “no, thank you!” and trust me, it happened more than once 😉 So, even if you see the disclaimer of a “sponsored” post or video, be reassured that I sincerely support that particular produce and all the opinions are my own. Being consistent with my cooking philosophy is my top priority, all together with deserving and maintaining your trust as viewers.

Did you make this recipe? Share the love, tag @buonapappa on Instagram and hashtag it #buonapappa I would love to see your creations!