Phillo pastry bites with eggs and zucchini

The Easter Bunny came on Sunday morning, we had a lovely and fun egg hunt with Luca and his friends and now I still have tons of eggs that I didn’t use…that’s a good reason to try a new recipe with hard boiled eggs. It’s perfect for Easter (next year!) or right after Easter (if you buy more eggs than needed like me) or for any Sunday lunch where you want to surprise your kids&family with a fun and beautiful recipe!

phillo bites ingredients

phillo bites2

The phillo pastry gives a lovely crunchy texture, I really like it. I used 10 sheets, but if you want a crunchier result, just add more phillo pastry layers.
phillo bites pastry
I also liked the delicate saltiness of the vegetable mix (sweet zucchini with salty feta cheese and creamy ricotta), it balanced perfectly the hard boiled egg flavor.

phillo bites6

See you next Thursday with another recipe!!!

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