Chocolate strawberry scream – Halloween

I’m a mom with a huge huge passion for food. I’m not a chef . Maybe that’s why the recipes that I love more are the healthy + easy ones with a spectacular final result. Today’s recipe is a perfect example: sooooo easy and incredibly beautiful. A perfect treat for an Halloween party or just to have fun with your kids. Healthy snack or lunch box idea to surprise. You decide!

This is all you will need:

strawberry scream ingred

and this is how to prepare them:

– you will need medium/large strawberries with nice and long leaves. Try one strawberry before buying them. The sweeter, the better. Gently wash the strawberries and let them dry very well otherwise the chocolate will not stick properly.

strawberry scream3

– melt the white chocolate. I used the microwave, faster and less messy. Place the chocolate in a glass or porcelain or ceramic container (I prefer not to use plastic) and microwave it for 20 seconds at a time, stirring after each time in order to spread the heat and melt the chocolate evenly. In less than two minutes your chocolate should be melted and smooth.

strawberry scream4

strawberry scream5

– hold one strawberry from the leaves (that’s why they should be big and long!!) and immerge it in the white chocolate with a slow and smooth movement in order to create a nice and uniform white coat all around the strawberry

strawberry scream6

– place the strawberry on an aluminum foil or a parchment paper to dry for 5 minutes. keep going with the other strawberries.

strawberry scream7

– melt the dark chocolate in the microwave like you did for the white one. considering the small amount of chocolate you will need less than one minute. transfer the melted chocolate in a plastic bag, trying to fill a corner of the bag. Cut the point of the corner in order to form a tiny hole.

strawberry scream8

strawberry scream9

– when the white chocolate will be dry you can start the decoration. An oval movement of your hand will create the screaming mouth and two small dots will be the eyes. Done!!! I told you….easy recipe!!

strawberry scream10

strawberry scream11

Considering that here in Los Angeles the weather is still very warm, I kept my screaming strawberries in an air tight container in the refrigerator as they would have melt outside 😉 I would suggest to enjoy the strawberry screams within 2 days from the decoration.

If you are really picky you can cut out the extra white chocolate at the bottom of the strawberries with a sharp knife. I didn’t want to waste a single drop of chocolate and I left it 😉

ciao ciao!


strawberry scream

strawberry scream2

strawberry scream12

strawberry scream



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