1. Zucchini Avocado Tomato puree +9M
  2. Gluten Free Millet Gnocchi +6M
  3. Fava Bean & Kale Baby Food Puree +8M

  1. Gluten Free Millet Gnocchi +6M
  2. Chickpeas Crackers – Gluten and Dairy Free
  3. Chicken Rice Saffron baby puree

  1. Asparagus and sweet peas lasagne
  2. Baked fish sticks – Gluten free
  3. Baked Kale Spinach balls

  1. Millet Apple Cake – Gluten and Dairy Free
  2. Baby Carrot Beet Cake with Cashew frosting – vegan
  3. Chocolate Granola Fruity Bars

  1. Black Bean Hummus Dip
  2. Baked Teriyaki Chicken with Vegetables
  3. Fruit Christmas Tree

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