1. how to freeze babyfood11 How to freeze baby food
  2. carrot hummus14 Roasted carrots hummus
  3. chicken apple puree Basic Chicken & Apple baby food

  1. banana bites Strawberry banana bites
  2. cannelloni zucchini22 Cannelloni pasta with zucchini
  3. yogurt pancakes4 Yogurt and Almond Pancakes

  1. green lasagne Asparagus and sweet peas lasagne
  2. cacciatora9 Cacciatora chicken with mom
  3. calzone pesto tomatoes2 Calzone pizza with basil pesto, cherry tomatoes and provolone cheese recipe

  1. 1st bday carrot15 1st Birthday cake: carrot with tofu/vanilla frosting
  2. watermelon cake2 Animal party watermelon cake recipe
  3. torta ciocco pere8 Apple and pears chocolate cake – dairy & egg free

  1. italian meatballs Italian meatballs with ricotta
  2. chicken4 chicken bites with pancetta, cheese and sage
  3. caprese pasta7 Caprese pasta

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