1. yogurt hummus4 Yogurt Hummus spread (+9 months)
  2. polpette carne e quinoa2 Quinoa beef meatballs recipe – baby finger food
  3. introducing solids long2 Introducing solid foods

  1. vegetable ragu9 Vegetable Bolognese Pasta
  2. tarteTatin zucchine22 Zucchini flower tart
  3. pasta tomato caprino5 Pasta with tomatoes, goat cheese and olives

  1. green lasagne Asparagus and sweet peas lasagne
  2. fish fingers GF11 Baked fish sticks – Gluten free
  3. kale spinach balls Baked Kale Spinach balls

  1. 1st bday carrot15 1st Birthday cake: carrot with tofu/vanilla frosting
  2. watermelon cake2 Animal party watermelon cake recipe
  3. torta ciocco pere8 Apple and pears chocolate cake – dairy & egg free

  1. italian meatballs Italian meatballs with ricotta
  2. chicken4 chicken bites with pancetta, cheese and sage
  3. caprese pasta7 Caprese pasta

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