Dairy free vanilla pudding with raspberry sauce recipe – baby friendly

I do have a passion for puddings or “spoon desserts”, creamy and delicate. Thanks to the fact that they are a very good idea for a snack or breakfast for kids and babies I have a wonderful excuse to prepare them for my kids and have a spoon myself 🙂

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Today’s recipe came out one day when I was going to prepare a pudding for my Luca (3 yrs) and my little Alex (10 months at that time) was nicely staring at me from the high chair….he was definitely interested in what I was preparing but unfortunately the ingredients were not 100% appropriate for him. That’s how I decided to prepare a dairy free, animal gelatin free version of the vanilla pudding. With few changes to the usual recipe this pudding came out light, delicate and delicious. The additional raspberry sauce is a must!!

white pudding

This is what you need:

baby white pudding ingred


– in a medium saucepan add the agave nectar, the corn starch, the agar agar and the vanilla paste. Stir with a whisk and slowly add the rice milk and the almond milk. Keep whisking in order to avoid any grain.

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– turn on the heat at medium and keep whisking up until the mix will start boiling

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– turn off the heat and keep stirring for 1/2 minutes.

– pour the mix in a silicon mold of your preferred shape and size. I used for my baby a heart shape ice cubes silicon mold and for my toddler a cupcakes heart shape silicon mold.

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– place the mold in the refrigerator for at least 3 hours in order to obtain a firm pudding. Using silicon molds will make the removal of the pudding very easy.

– for the sauce: place the raspberries in a blender with the lemon juice and mix for 1 minute in order to obtain a nice cream. If you are giving the sauce to a baby or to a picky toddler you can pour the raspberry mix in a strainer in order to remove all the seeds. I do not add any sugar as I try to select very sweet raspberries. It’s totally up to your taste: you can add to the sauce few tablespoons of agave nectar or honey or, if you are cooking for babies under 12 months, just one teaspoon of vanilla paste.

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The vanilla pudding is lovely as a kids friendly dessert or for breakfast or just for an afternoon snack. You can store the pudding in the refrigerator in the mold for up to 4/5 days. Enjoy!!

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vegan vanilla pudding quadr



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