Potato and cauliflower ghosts

I really like cauliflowers: I think they are extremely beautiful (that pale white with the elegant green side leaves) and the incredibly bubbly shape like an old tree. In addition to that cauliflowers are an excellent source of vitamin C, fibers and folate. Nevertheless it seems that kids do not particularly like them, at least in their beautiful natural form. Maybe for the kind of sulphur smell that they have if cooked a bit too much.

If boiled cauliflowers are not so attractive for kids, what about potato & cauliflower puree ghosts? My little Luca loved them without even questioning about cauliflowers 😉

potato ghosts4

Let’s start from the ingredients for 18/20 small ghosts:

potato ghosts ingred

How to proceed:

Wash and cut both the cauliflowers and the potatoes in medium size pieces. I used only the cauliflowers florets. Place the vegetables in some boiling water and let them cook for 20 minutes.

potato ghosts5

potato ghosts6

Drain the vegetables and place them back in the same pot you used to boil them.

potato ghosts7

Add the milk, a pinch of salt and the butter.

potato ghosts8

With an immersion blender create a nice and smooth puree.

potato ghosts9

Turn the heat on at low and place the pot back on the flames. Cook the puree for 5 minutes and keep stirring it with a wooden spatula.

potato ghosts10

Turn the heat off and add the parmesan cheese and the nutmeg.

potato ghosts11

potato ghosts12

Stir few times to nicely incorporate the ingredients to the mix and let it cool down for 10 minutes.

Fill a pastry bag with the puree and with a circular movement you will start creating the ghosts on a parchment paper on a baking sheet

potato ghosts13

Cut a carrot in slices and cut out small triangles from every slice. Use the triangles as eyes for the puree ghosts.

potato ghosts15

potato ghosts16

Place the puree ghosts in the oven (already preheated) and broil them for 10/15 minutes in order to create a nice and gold crust.

potato ghosts17

The potato and cauliflower ghosts are lovely if served warm. Enjoy!

potato ghosts3

potato ghosts

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