chicken bites with pancetta, cheese and sage

Today’s recipe is special: comes directly from my mom’s recipe book and it was a hit on our dinner table when I was a child. That’s why I like to prepare it for my little Luca and for my husband (it’s one of his favorites!!).

Easy and fast to prepare: chicken bites with pancetta, cheese and sage.
Few tips from my mom.
1. If you want the chicken to be tender remember to hammer the slices with a chicken hammer

2. the chicken slices should be thin and small, bite size

3. The white wine gives an extra flavor. We are going to cook it, the alchool will evaporate, so it’s ok for kids. Nevertheless, if you are cooking for toddlers you might want to avoid the wine. it’s totally fine.
4. Pancetta. the slices should be very very thin so that they will almost dissolve inside the bites. if you do not find pancetta, bacon might work, but same suggestion: very thin slices, almost transparent.

5. well, this is obvious, but I mention it as it is written in the recipe page….remember to take out the thootpicks or tell everybody that they are still inside when you serve the bites 🙂


See you next Thursday with another recipe!!!

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