Apricot apple puree’

I receive a lot of requests about what can be the very first solid food for a 6 months baby. Today’s recipe can be the reply: a smooth, creamy and delicate apple and apricot puree’. Super duper easy ingredients:

apricot apple puree 4 apricot apple puree 3 apricot apple puree 2

Some comments:
– can a baby food be inviting for an adult? YES!!! try this: place one or two scoops of chocolate chips or vanilla (or both of them!!!) ice cream in a bowl and pour on top few tablespoons of warm apple and apricot baby puree. Close your eyes and try it….would you call it a baby food???? Cooking for your baby doesn’t mean that you can’t treat yourself too 🙂

apricot apple puree 9
– if it’s the very first solid food you are offering to your baby you might want to choose only one fruit (either all apples or all apricots). Some pediatricians suggest to introduce one ingredient at the time and wait few days before introducing another one (or mix the first one with a new one). Other pediatricians do not mind mixing delicate and easy to digest ingredients starting from the beginning (like I’m doing in the recipe). It’s totally up to you, you might want to ask your pediatrician which way he suggests.

apricot apple puree 11 apricot apple puree 10
– cinnamon. it’s an optional additional ingredient in order to give a nice different taste to the recipe and introduce your baby to new flavors. If it’s the very first solid food you are offering to your baby you might want to wait few meals before adding the cinnamon.

– which fruit to start with? seasonal and organic one! go to your local farmers’ market and taste some fruit samples. you want a sweet, easy to digest fruit for the very beginning…usually apples are the most common choice!

apricot apple puree 8 apricot apple puree 7

– peeling fruit. yes, I know. the peel contains a lot of vitamins. why taking it away? it’s not easy to digest for a baby. for the very first solid food that you give your baby you want something very digestible. you will keep the peel when your baby will become a toddler!!!

apricot apple puree 6 apricot apple puree 5

See you next Thursday with another recipe!!!


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