Superfood Fruit baby puree : fig & pluot

Fruit baby purees using seasonal fruit are always the best: naturally sweet and so flavorful!!

Today I’ve chosen two fruits that are at the top of their season (and so, even sweeter than usual!): figs and pluots.  If you do not know pluots, they look like plums but they are an hybrid of plums and apricots, more plums than apricots considering the look. Insanely good! Both figs and pluots come in season at the end of the summer and – unfortunately – you can find them locally only for few weeks. I really like them not only for their taste, but because they kind of sign the end of the summer. For me they are like the first yellow/red leaves that you see on the trees: fall is coming!!!



In addition to my personal reasons why to like figs and pluots, they are a wonderful fruit for babies starting from 6 months.

If you are looking for a delicate natural laxative for your baby or if you just want to prevent constipation in a natural way, you should try this simple recipe.

Figs are rich in fiber (that means that they help digestion) and a wonderful source of calcium. They have the highest overall mineral content of traditional fruits. Highly nutritious, they also help developing the baby’s immune system. In addition to the surprising nutritional benefits, figs have a very soft texture with teeny tiny seeds (edible ones), as tiny as the strawberry ones. Definitely a must for babies.


Plots are no less nutritious 🙂 Loaded with Vitamin C and A, they can be considered “superfoods” thanks to their high level of antioxidants.

Considering the short season of pluots and figs, you can prepare a nice batch of this baby puree and simply freeze it for up to three months. It will be a pleasure for your little one (and you!!) to enjoy a spoon of summer at Christmas time!!!


For the recipe I both peeled and steamed the fruit as I considered the recipe a very first food for babies around 6 months and I wanted the puree’ super easy to digest. The peel is the most difficult part to digest and the 2 minutes of steaming will make the fruit even easier to digest by a little baby. If you are preparing the puree for an older baby (10/12 months) or a toddler you can easily keep the peel (for both the figs and the pluots) and skip the steaming part.


Superfood Fruit baby puree : fig & pluot
  • 2 Pluots
  • 2 figs
  1. Peel the fruit and chop it in small pieces
  2. Steam for 2 minutes. nothing more.
  3. Place the fruit in a tall container and puree with an immersion blender (you can also use a food processor)
  4. Enjoy warm or cold!


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