Pink soup with beets

Beets, beets, beets. Sometimes I create a recipe around an ingredient that I really really want to use…like today. I’ve been attracted by the deep purple color of the beets and intrigued by their unusual taste.

Let’s make together a “pink soup”, a baby version for our little ones (get ready to have purple pink bibs and clothing!!!) and a version for the rest of the family. Enjoy it and let me know your thoughts!


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    March 20, 2013 at 3:08 am

    I just discovered your website. Very excited to try some of these recipes for my 6 1/2 months old baby boy. I’m concerned about freezing. I have made squash before and frozed it, once I went to use it, the consistency had changed and decided to throw it out. Any suggestions? Certain foods I shouldn’t freeze? Look forward to hearing back and get cooking …. thank you encouraging mothers….

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      Barbara Lamperti
      March 22, 2013 at 9:47 pm

      Hi Milena!
      6 1/2 months, that’s such an exciting age! Every meal is a discovery of new tastes and textures and so many expectations from our mom’s side 😉
      When Luca used to finish the whole meal (at that time few spoons of baby food…) I used to say “Hurrah!!!” with a smiley face…like I won the lottery!
      Freezing. I did it a lot as it really saves you a lot of time and you just need to cook once or twice a week for your little ones and than it’s just a matter of mixing the ingredients at every meal. If I knew in advance that I was going to freeze the final result I would stop the recipe before adding the final Parmesan Cheese, ExtraVirgin Oil of Olive, baby rice or cereal powder. I liked adding those ingredients right before serving the meal to Luca.
      So, regarding the pink soup recipe, I would just steam the veggies (beets, potatoes, carrots) and puree’ them. than freeze them in small portions. Thaw them when needed and add the ricotta, parmesan and oil right before serving the food to your baby.
      About the consistency. when you freeze vegetables it’s normal that the thawed result is kind of watery. Vegetables contain a lot of water and the freezing process kind of divides water from the pulp. As we always warm up the baby food once thawed, the watery look should go away in few minutes of mixing and warming up.
      I hope I was helpful, let me know if you should have any other questions!
      ciao, ciao

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