Semolina carrot soup with fennel seeds recipe – for babies 7/12 months or when you are under the weather

Today’s recipe is dedicated to my sick men: both Luca and Albert are recovering from a bad cold (not flu, luckily!!). I wanted to prepare for them a warm, comforting, creamy, delicate and easy to digest soup with a special touch to surprise them…that’s how I ended up with this recipe. Super easy and perfect not only for my under the weather men but also for babies! The basic recipe I will show you it’s a fantastic 7-12 months baby puree’.

I will use semolina, a yellow flour made with finely ground durum wheat, the same ingredient used to make the pasta that we all know. It’s very high in protein, that’s why has a very “filling” effect.

To give a nice flavor I will add carrots and fennel seeds to the broth.
Fennel seeds have amazing healing properties: they not only facilitate digestion, but their powerful anti-oxidant properties make them also a powerful anti-inflammatory. My mom always suggested to use fennel seeds to treat coughs, colds, indigestion, abdominal pain, cramps or gas….a lot!

For mommy&daddy or older kids I will also add some eggs, to add additional energy when needed!
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