Dairy free 3 ingredients chocolate ice cream

It’s summer, it’s hot and ice cream is a perfect refreshing snack. For all the kids with dairy allergies or just to enjoy an healthy alternative to the traditional ice cream I would like to share with you a SUPER EASY 3 ingredients chocolate ice cream…totally dairy free and still delicious.

chocolate ice cream dairy free

This is a perfect summer treat for toddlers starting from 10 months. As we are using hazelnuts, just be sure that your little one is not allergic to them.

That’s all you will need for 2 servings (snack for 2 kids + mom):

choco ice cream ingred

If you want the ice cream to be 100% dairy free I suggest to prepare a dairy free homemade hazelnut spread. Easy and simple. Check this link to see the recipe. You will just need to substitute regular milk in the recipe with either coconut or almond milk. Simple. You can use the hazelnut spread quantity that you need for this recipe and store the remaining quantity in an air tight container in the refrigerator for up to 3 months.

chocolate ice cream6

And that’s how simple it is to prepare the ice cream:

– few hours before/the night before/the day before/the week before…peel and slice a ripe banana and place it in a freezer container. I used a simple plastic bag. Store it in the freezer.

chocolate ice cream7

– when you want to enjoy the ice cream place the frozen banana in a food processor altogether with the cocoa powder and the hazelnut spread.

chocolate ice cream8

chocolate ice cream10

chocolate ice cream9

– Mix for 2/3 minutes in order to obtain a smooth ice cream consistency cream.

chocolate ice cream11

Serve in a cup or, even better, on an ice cream cone. Your kids will love it!!!

As we are using frozen bananas you will not be able to freeze any chocolate ice cream leftovers: you cannot freeze the same food twice 😉

That’s also the reason why I gave you quantities for 2 servings only…in order not to have leftovers 😉

If you want to freeze the ice cream and enjoy it later you can always mix the banana + cocoa + hazelnut spread, create a kind of running mix and – at this point – place everything in the freezer. The ice cream will be ready in 2/3 hours and you will be able to remove from the freezer only the quantity that you like.

chocolate ice cream12

chocolate ice cream13

choco ice cream square


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    I havn’t tried this one yet, but I will soon. I’m searching for your guilt free brownie cake, which is excellent and I have made many times. It is on utube but I was wondering is it on your website also?

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