Big News! Little Helpers Toddler Baking Cookbook Q&A

Big News! I’m so happy to announce that my second book, Little Helpers Toddler Cookbook, is finally on sale.

It’s such a big excitement to see the idea developed in recipes, words, images and finally a real book. 

I asked some of you if you had any question or curiosity about the book and now it’s time to reply.


LOL, the title says it all.

Little Helpers – We will not cook for kids, but we will cook WITH kids, they will be actively involved in the recipes.

Toddler – Recipes have been designed having in mind the attention, skills, knowledge and patience of a toddler, from 1 to 4 yrs old. That being said it doesn’t mean the book is not appropriate for older kids. My boys are 7 and 10 and we enjoyed baking all the recipes together. Of course, the older your kids are, the more independent they will be. 

Baking – The first book from the Little Helper Series by Heather Staller was about cooking. This book is about baking. No stove involved, only oven. Sweet and savory recipes.

Cookbook – Yep, there are recipes involved! I divided them in 4 chapters

  • Cakes, scones and muffins
  • Breads, biscuits and pizza
  • Cookies, crackers and bars
  • Pies and pastries

You’ll find advice for the best ways to bake with a toddler, including how to set up the workspace ahead of time, explain kitchen safety, and create a backup plan in case things get a little too messy.


The book has been designed for parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles willing to bake with kids, starting from toddler age. 

If your little one is curious about what goes on in the kitchen, this toddler cookbook is the perfect way to get them involved. The recipes are designed to be whimsical and simple, so even young kids can start learning cooking basics, fine motor skills, and the joy of tasting and sharing their own creations.


I wanted to share trusted, tested, kid friendly and easy recipes. 

From cakes to pizza to cookies, crackers, pies, tarts. Sweet and savory. Every day baking.

As always I wanted the recipes to be on the healthy side. Wholewheat flour instead of regular flour, added sugar with a lot of moderation, fresh fruits and veggies as much as possible. 

This toddler cookbook features a wide range of sweet and savory flavors to encourage kids to try new foods while limiting the use of refined sugar. 


It’s so difficult to pick up. 

My kids favorite is the Oat-So-Easy Chocolate Chip Cookies, Pumpkin Chocolate Quick Bread and the Pretzels too!

The recipe that we bake the most is definitely the Scones, both sweet version with Orange and Cranberries and the savory Parmesan Herbs one. And of course the pizza, Friday night pizza is a must.


Uhhh, that’s a good one!

The recipes are not difficult at all. Still, as your kids might be very young and you are looking for an easy no fail recipe, I divided the recipes in three levels so that you can choose the one the most fits your situation.

Choose what to cook based on your toddler’s interest and skill, and give them the chance to grow with the book, trying more advanced recipes as they improve.

Every recipe includes both “adult steps” and “toddler steps” so you can see where to give your toddler some independence and where they’ll need a grown-up to lend a hand. 

(Ex. Pouring the ingredients in a bowl will be a step for kids, managing the oven will be an adult one).


The cookbook is designed having toddlers in action in mind, with everything that this involves. Short spam attention, super excitement, coordination skills. 

Every recipe has a series of tips and suggestions to make your experience easier. Baker Tips + Heads Up + Make it Fun. 

Every recipe also has a Mix it Up section where basically I switch ingredients or change something in the recipe so that from the main recipe you get other two. To give you an example the Blackberry Peach galette recipe can become banana and chocolate galette or a savory galette with cream cheese and zucchini. 

I really like that every recipe has a “Recipe Notes” space to transform the book into a personalized keepsake. You can write down when you made each recipe, what you enjoyed the most, how many stars you’d rate it, and any notes or memories you want to share. 


Comforting. Cooking is fun, but baking brings joy and baking with kids is double joy. A lot of mess for sure, but all together with joy. I really think this book is an happy one. It gave me joy and comfort to write it and to test the recipes with my kids in the middle of a pandemic while we were in lockdown. My wish is that it will bring you and your families joy and comfort too!


Leave them in the comments below, I will be happy to reply!

And if you are interested in buying Little Helpers Toddler Baking Cookbook, simply click the link below.

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