Cacciatora chicken with mom

Today is a very special video as I have a very special guest: my mom!!!
You can’t imagine how many times I’ve been asking her to be in one of my videos….she’s terribly shy, no matter if I tell her that we are shooting in my kitchen with only my husband and the kids in the room 🙂

She has few recipes that really rock and today she is cooking (I’m not, LOL!!!) one of them for us: cacciatora chicken thighs with vegetables and tomatoes. Easy, simple and tasty, as I like! I really hope you are going to enjoy the recipe as we do.


Few tips from mom about this recipe:

1 – the chicken skin. it is essential. it’s the natural fat that will give this recipe an incredible taste. so. do not remove the skin and dry the thighs with a paper towel very well.

cacciatora3 cacciatora4

2 – once cooked for few minutes up until they are nice and golden, remove the thighs from the pan and put them apart. the vegetables will cook separatein the chicken oil that has been released by the skin. they will get sooooo tasty!!

cacciatora5 cacciatora6

3 – tomatoes. mum decided to go for a nice quality of canned ones, as she usually makes this recipe in autumn/winter when good fresh tomatoes are not available. if you have at disposal fresh tasty ones, go for them!!


4 – add the thighs to the veggies and add the broth too. how much broth? from 1 to 2 cups…basically you want the broth to almost cover the thighs


cacciatora ing
Next time she is coming visiting us I will try to convince her to cook her special homemade lasagne with homemade ragu’….they are awesome 😉

She is Italian and she doesn’t speak English…I will be the translator 😉
See you next Thursday with another recipe!!!

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    October 17, 2013 at 7:19 pm

    Un’attrice nata!
    Voglio provare anch’io il pollo alla cacciatora?!! Ma credo che approfitterò’ e lo farò’ cucinare a lei! Sembra facile però’. Bacioni, Ale

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