Baby Food Quick Guides & 1:1 Consultation – NEW!!

BuonaPappa Baby Food Quick Guides + 1:1 Consultation. I’m so happy to share with you my New Project just launched yesterday. 

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With more than 400 recipe videos on my YT channel sometimes you can get lost when looking for the needed information. That’s why I created quick useful guides around the most asked topics: baby food basics, 6-9 months recipes to start, summer-fall baby recipes.

I also added a special guide, my favorite. 1:1 consultation. I really do my best in replying to all your questions but it takes time and sometimes you need a bit more of attention. Maybe you just started the weaning process introducing solids to your little one and you have many questions at the same time. Instead of asking questions at the end of each video you see, why not having my whole attention so that I can reply to you all at once and even add a bit more. No waiting time, you will get the needed information in no time. 


  • Intelligent search bar = the search results will take you to the exact point in the video where I talk about what you asked. No need to watch the whole video to find what you are looking for. Time saving!!
  • Voice activation = your hands are busy with your baby or toddler? Ask your question using the microphone option. LOL, it works even with my strong Italian accent. I tested!
  • No ads nor promo = no interruptions.
  • 1 bonus question = for every guide you will get a bonus question you can ask me and I will reply asap. (Just consider the time difference from where you live to where I live, California).


Quick Guides Main Store

Starting Solids Bundle

Summer & Fall Treats Guide

Baby Food Basics Guide

Baby Food Recipes Guide

Consultation 1:1

I’m really excited about this new project. Let me know what you think in the comment here below and also let me know if there is any other topic you would like me to summarize in a new guide!

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