Smoked salmon cupcakes

When Luca finished in no time a smoked salmon bagel with cream cheese I was a bit surprised. Smoked salmon has a very rich and peculiar taste and not everybody likes it. He does :-). As he’s getting a very picky and sophisticated palate I was happy I found a new ingredient he liked.

salmon cupcake4
Salmon and so smoked salmon is a very good source of Omega 3 fatty acids. It is also very rich in natural proteins and is much lower in its saturated fat content than other natural sources of same, such as red meat and dairy products. All good reasons to think about a different way to offer smoked salmon to Luca: smoked salmon cupcakes with potato and marjoram icing.

salmon cupcake2

What I like about this recipe:

the format. cupcakes. I found that kids really like the cupcake format: it’s a tiny cake that they can handle and it’s all for them, no slices.

the marjoram. I do not use it very often even if I planted it in my herb garden. this recipe was a good reason to use it and I really appreciated again its delicate aroma. thyme could have worked too, but marjoram leaves are bigger and softer, perfect for the icing.

salmon cupcake5

the icing. creamy and thick thanks to the potato’s starch. a good balance with the fluffy texture of the cupcakes.

salmon cupcake3 salmon cupcake6

This recipe is a hit in our house and I hope you will love it too!

See you next Thursday with another recipe!!!


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    November 16, 2014 at 11:39 pm

    YUM! These were wonderful! I made them with Alaskan smoked salmon (rather than the lox variety) and they turned out great! Somehow my “frosting” came out a lot thicker than is shown in the video, so I think I will add some sour cream to the mix the next time I make them.

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