Kids Gazpacho with Tomatoes and Cucumbers – freshness in a sip!

gazpacho tomato cucumbers

Gazpacho is incredibly easy to make, the perfect summer staple for all ages…and perfect for kids. I love to use fresh seasonal tomatoes as a base of my Gazpachos. Tomatoes are rich in the antioxidant lycopene and Vitamin C. When ripe and in season their taste is heaven. For today’s Gazpacho I used the Japanese variety, less acidic and with almost no seeds and tons of pulp. That means easier to digest (perfect for kids), creamier and less watery. Any other tomato variety that you like, if ripe and in season, will be fine.

tomato bread

I would offer Gazpacho to toddlers older than 10/12 months as we are using tomatoes. Their acidity may be too much for their immature tummy and might cause diaper rashes.

Gazpacho can be made literally in dozens of ways, you can add any fresh and seasonal vegetable to the recipe (in addition to the tomatoes) and it will taste delicious!!

In addition to tomatoes and cucumbers I added only a small piece of garlic, a pinch of salt and few leaves of fresh basil. That’s enough to do the magic 😉

I served the Gazpacho to the kids like an aperitif: in fun glasses with a colored straw altogether with some Italian grissini and some cubes of feta cheese. They were very excited about this new “aperitif” experience!!

Here you are the ingredients for 2 servings:

gazpacho ingred

And that’s how easy and simple the procedure is:

– in a food processor add all the ingredients starting from the cucumbers sliced in big pieces: you can remove the peel or not, it’s up to your taste. I like to remove only few stripes of peel.


– add the tomatoes sliced in big pieces, the fresh garlic and basil leaves


– add the Extra Virgin Oil of Olive. I strongly suggest to use a very good quality. You will taste the difference. Add a pinch of salt and the crushed ice cubes


– mix for few minutes in order to obtain a smooth, creamy puree’


– serve cold in a fun glass with some healthy snacks on the side: bread, crackers, carrot or other vegetable sticks, cheese.



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