Stuffed tomatoes with rice salad

I confess: tomatoes are one of my favorite vegetables. And now that they are in season I love finding new ways to cook with them. Today I’m using them as an ingredient and as an edible container for a fun and tasty rice salad.

stuffed tomatoes4

stuffed tomatoes5

The stuffed tomatoes are a good idea for a party, a bbq or just a summer day when you would like to serve something different and refreshing. Everything should be served cold and you can prepare the tomatoes in advance and keep them in the refrigerator.

stuffed tomatoes ingredients

This is a very kids friendly recipe as they like the concept of single portion, very colorful and fun to eat. My Luca was nicely surprised by the “tomatoes with a rice treasure inside”. Also, for the salad dressing I used ingredients that we like (sweet peas, ham, corn, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella) but you can play with the ingredients that you like (canned tuna, feta cheese, olives…)

stuffed tomatoes3

See you next Thursday with another recipe!!!

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