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I still remember Luca’s very first spoon: homemade applesauce. He was six months and he ate not even the tip of the teaspoon before starting playing with it. I remember how excited I was and  all the questions in my mind:

  • did I pick up the right first food? maybe cereals would have been better like my auntie said..
  • what if he doesn’t eat?
  • what if he doesn’t like it?
  • is it too cold?
  • is it too hot?
  • is it the right texture?
  • is it the right teaspoon?
  • is it the right time?
  • and so on…

Was I a crazy first time mama? Nope, well, maybe just a bit, but all my fears and questions were sooo normal. Feeding your baby for the first time is a totally new world and can be exciting and stressing at the same time.

That’s why you are here 🙂

The XXX course will walk you through the basics of baby food (when to start/what to feed/weaning methods/cooking methods/feeding gear…and more) in XX videos that you can easily enjoy whenever is more convenient for you from your phone/tablet/laptop wherever you are.

I’m passionate about food and nutrition, but most of all I’m a mom, so I know very well the pressure of being able to cook for the whole family 7 days a week with the minimum amount of time 🙂

That’s why I wanted the course to be full of practical tips and functional solutions to ease your daily feeding routine 🙂

Bonuses. (I love them!!) Printable feeding schedules and food nutrients charts to hang on your fridge and give you ideas when it’s meal prep time 🙂

And…my favorite: the possibility to become a member of BuonaPappa closed FB group, a community of moms where you will be able to share your experience, ask questions and read other experiences to feel less stressed, more understood and supported.


Mom, baby food blogger,

food and child nutrition enthusiast



I started the amazing journey of BuonaPappa 7 years ago and I’ve been receiving so many comments of parents relieved and finally relaxed knowing that preparing your homemade baby food is not difficult at all and can be easily done. I developed this course because I thought it was time to structure in a simple and indeed accurate way the basics of baby food, explaining how easy and simple is to make homemade baby food, hoping your stress will lower and your confidence will grow so that feeding time will be a fun and joyful moment both for your baby AND for you.

This course is not about recipes, for one time I will not cook but I will give you all the advice to be ready to enjoy cooking for your baby stress-free. Of course, I’ve got tons of video recipes (baby/toddler/family) that I will be happy to share with you and that you can already find either on my blog and YouTube channel. Easily divided by age or category.

(My goals for this course: reassure + encourage + explain the baby food basics in a simple “mom to mom” way.)


Do you know that Buona Pappa in Italian means “yummy baby food”?

It’s the traditional expression that a mom says to her little one while feeding him/her.

It’s what I said many and many times to my babies when I fed them and I thought it was the perfect name for my blog: it totally describes what BuonaPappa is about: healthy homemade baby food with an Italian touch.

Hi! I’m Barbara, mom of two active boys, food blogger, nutrition enthusiast. I’m Italian, born and raised in Milano. I moved to Los Angeles 11 years ago and I started BuonaPappa 7 years ago when my little one was around 6 months of age. I always had a passion for food and nutrition but infant nutrition was something totally new (and scary) for me. What moved my curiosity and research at the beginning was the desire to be able to offer a balanced healthy diet to my little one. I always believed that we are what we eat…starting from the very first spoon! I love to share my baby and kid friendly recipes in my videos and I like to stay always updated with the latest nutritional researches and studies. I really believe that healthy + yummy + simple can exist together in the same recipe 🙂 Let me show you how!!



Did you make this recipe? Share the love, tag @buonapappa on Instagram and hashtag it #buonapappa I would love to see your creations!