Guacamole & chia multigrain chips today 😉 Plums + grapes + tomatoes + pistachios + honey stick. My guacamole is on the basic side 😁: local Hass ripen avocado + pinch of salt + squeeze of lemon. That’s it, and that’s how my kids like it 😉 Adding guacamole to the lunchbox can be tricky: oxidation of color and food contamination are the challenges. Those are my tricks: – for the contamination I use a taller silicone container that doesn’t leave any space between the top and bottom part of the lunchbox. So when I close it the container attaches to the top and even if my kids shake the lunchbox the guacamole doesn’t touch the chips. Soggy chips are not appealing, I know 😬 I also tried the small containers with lid to insert in the lunchbox but my kids complain that it’s difficult to open them 🤔 – oxidation. No matter what you do, the bright green color of the avocado will fade into a brownish one as soon as you open it. Still, you can slow down the process adding lemon to the guacamole (already required by the recipe 😉) and squeezing few more drops on top once you place the guacamole in the containers. Also, as it’s a matter of time, I prepare the guacamole in the morning before school and not the night before. I add everything else the night before and only the guacamole in the morning. Do you have any more “guacamole” tips to share? Ciaoooo

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