White Sole Fish Soup with Potatoes and Carrots

I started giving fish to Luca when he was almost 7 months. I still remember the first sole fish. Small, fresh and so delicate. Not that I remember the first time of every single new ingredient that I give him but the sole was different. We were in Italy, at the seaside and I went to a trusted fishmonger that chose “the perfect” sole for my baby…or that was what I wanted to think.

I would suggest you to start with any kind of fresh white fish (i.e. Cod, Haddock, Sea Bass, Pollock, Halibut), more delicate, more easy to digest…and than move gradually to other kind of fish (i.e. salmon, trout).

This time I cooked the sole with milk, it gets even more tender and soft.

If you have older kids or for the “mommy and daddy” version, just add some salt both for the sole and the veggies and do not puree the fish. Also, add some cold Extravergin Oil of Olives on top of the sole fillets before serving.


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