Turkey Fennel Puree

Starting from 6/7 months

Gradually and using a bit of creativity I would like to offer my little Luca a wide variety of flavors, using fresh and healthy ingredients. I’m sure very soon he will develop his personal taste: he will let me know his favorite recipes and the ones he doesn’t like at all.

My starting point is: you have to try everything (sometimes more than once…) in order to know if you like it or not.

Today’s recipe is a baby puree’ with an unusual flavor…fennel.

Personally I really like fennel. It has such a fresh and unique flavor. I use it a lot in salads or I pan fry it with other veggies (carrots, potatoes). Today I used it as main ingredient for Luca’s meal…and he liked the final result.

So maybe you’ll see fennel again in another baby recipe.
Let me know your opinion!!

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