Mint milk with whipped cream and chocolate recipe

green, green, green…I was looking for a “green” recipe for St.Patrick’s day. Something different, kids friendly and refreshing…as we are having a nice warm weather here in LA (90F !!!).
Mint milk came to my mind (latte e menta in Italian), a memory from my childwood. My dad used to prepare mint milk for us: easy, colored and fresh!

mint milk ingredienti
A very quick and fun recipe that will be a perfect snack for you kids. As we are using whole milk, I would suggest it for toddlers (12 months &up).
Or you can transform it in an unusual dessert for the whole family adding homemade fresh whipped cream on top with some dark chocolate pieces…yummy!!

mint milk

If you want a stronger mint flavor you have different options: add the number of mint leaves you are adding to the milk or mince the mint leaves (they will release more flavor) or leave the leaves in the milk for a longer time, even overnight if you want. And remember to remove the mint after you reached the desired taste.

mint milk3

See you next Thursday with another recipe from BuonaPappa!


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